We are Phillip, Melanie, Hunter, and Sawyer Shipley. We are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators currently serving in North Carolina. Phillip manages the IT software development team and Melanie cares for our family and serves in Counseling Ministries. We absolutely love what we do and the fact we get to do it for Bible translation!

Our Story

In 2007 the company where I (Phillip) was working was purchased by a very large enterprise IT company. Slowly the corporate culture shifted to one driven by politics and I was no longer content. In fact on several occasions I was at the brink of quitting when I would hear God tell me through various methods that I should not quit and that I should wait on Him and His plans.

In April 2011 our church in San Jose was sending a team to a Wycliffe center in North Carolina to do a service project. It was on that trip that I first learned about the need for Bible translation and the myriad of roles required to make it happen. My wife (Melanie) and I grew up in the church, but we only really understood missionaries to be doctors and preachers who went to remote jungles around the world. Neither of those roles appealed to us. So when I learned that software developers were needed to support Bible translation I was thrilled. During the trip I had opportunity to talk with the VP of IT and Director of Architecture about their needs and my experience and interests. Turned out they were in need of someone with my skills and experience and there I was, excited about the opportunity to get involved in something as important as Bible translation doing what I love.

I came home from the trip wondering how to explain to Melanie that I thought God was calling us into missions, but as it would turn out, God had been working in her heart too and within 15 minutes of arriving, she asked "So, when are we moving to North Carolina?"

Later that summer we were accepted as members of Wycliffe Bible Translators USA. Just as excited as I was to learn about the need for software developers, we were thrilled to learn that Wycliffe also needed counselors and that Melanie could use her degree Counseling Psychology to help other members of Wycliffe.

In spring 2013 we completed our initial partnership team to meet our budget requirements set by Wycliffe and in May 2013 we moved to North Carolina to begin our assignments. The past few years working here have been awesome professionally and we are really enjoying our roles in being part of this great mission.

Thank you for taking the time to read our story! If you or someone you know would be interested in connecting with us to learn more or discuss partnership opportunities please reach out, we'd love to connect and get to know you too!

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In addition to financial partners we really need people praying for us on a regular basis. We send our prayer partners regular updates with prayer requests and praises. We also schedule one day a month for each partner to be praying for us as well as we pray for their family. Let us know if you would like to partner with us in this way.

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